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8 Best Projector Tripod Stands (Buying Guide)

If you don’t want to have a ceiling-mounted projector or you have no permanent place for your device, then your next solution is to get a projector tripod stand.

It’s also a good option for those using their devices outdoors or when camping.

For professionals who offer presentations in places that are not that well prepared, a projector stand can be a nice help for eliminating the uncertainty of where you’re going to place your device for the best image quality.

If you would prefer a ceiling mount after all, check out my recommendations for the best ceiling mounted projectors. A lot of them would look beautiful on a tripod stand, too.

Best Projector Tripod Stand Reviews

When choosing the best projector tripod stand you must make sure that the holder will be capable of handling the weight of your device. That’s definitely the first thing to check out.

Some stands are better equipped to handle smaller projectors, under 10 pounds. The good thing is that most projectors weigh under 10 pounds.

However, if you have devices that weigh 10-15 pounds or more, you need a stronger stand. One example of such a strong stand is the Mount-It! Mobile Projector and Laptop Stand.

If you have a projector under 8 pounds, pretty much all models work for your device. They will sustain it without losing balance.

1. Pyle PLPTS2 Universal Stand: Affordable Projector Tripod Stand

This is a stand that works for a variety of devices from projectors to laptops to DJ equipment.

Pyle certainly targets musicians, DJs, performers and engineers but it matches our needs and our particular devices, too.

It also has a pretty affordable price.

Besides that, since this is one of the most popular stands on the market. I think it’s only right to review it and see if it’s worthy of being the best projector tripod stand for you.


It actually comes in 2 sizes: 14 x 11 inches and 20 x 16 inches. The 2 sizes are based on the size of the tray. I’ll focus on the smaller size, which has a 14 inches length and a 11 inches width.

The adjustable height is 22 to 35 inches. The minimum is 22 inches and the maximum is 35 inches.

It doesn’t give too much adjustment freedom. Some might find the minimum to be too high, while others will find the maximum height of 35 inches to be too low.

The weight of this model is 5.76 pounds. It’s still pretty light and it can be carried around to various locations. It disassembles for travel and storage.

The base will be folded and made from a tripod to a single piece. You’ll have to carry the device resting plate separately.

For smaller projectors

There is no maximum weight mentioned for the devices that can be placed on it. Users describe it as sturdy and capable of managing considerable weight.

In terms of those who have used it for their projectors, the general idea is that smaller/lightweight projectors will be held well. This tripod stand maintains its balance.

But you can clearly tell that it’s made for LED projectors or lightweight, portable models because it has a pretty small device resting plate.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

2. Mount-It! Mobile Projector and Laptop Stand: Best Projector Tripod Stand for Heavy Projectors

This is a pricier option for the best projector tripod stand but it actually combines two trays for 2 different devices: an upper tray that can be used for a laptop and a lower one that can be used for a projector. This configuration offers flexibility and easy access to the laptop in presentations.

However, if you’re getting it just for a home projector, you can use whatever you want, depending on which offers the best height for you.

Overall, I really like the idea of this model and how much versatility it offers. Now, let’s see if the rest of it is just as exciting.


The Mount-It! Mobile Projector and Laptop Stand has a solid steel frame, metal lips and a wide base.

The really impressive thing about this one is that it can hold up to 88 pounds of weight. That’s awesome for those who own heavier projectors.

This is not built on the tripod design. There are no 3 legs.

It’s just a sturdy pole with 2 trays, one at the top and the other lower, almost reaching the half of the pole in its placement when the stand is at its full height.

However, we do get 4 wheels on a wide sturdy base for good mobility.

Moreover, there are 2 locks built-in, it won’t go anywhere when you don’t want it to.

I absolutely like that it has ventilation holes for both trays. That’s a nice plus for maintaining our devices cool.


The second platform, the one placed lower is not adjustable. This one remains fixed.

Only the first platform adjusts its height from a 36.5 inches minimum up to 57.5 inches. You’ll have to decide if these measurements are something you are looking for because even the minimum height is still pretty high.

The tray at the top measures 11.75 x 13.75 inches.

The lower one is slightly bigger in length, measuring 11.75 x 14.25 inches.

Furthermore, the superior platform also includes a 30 degrees tilt but that’s of more interest for those who place laptops on it.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

3. Klvied Universal Projector Tripod Stand: Good Height Range

Until now in this article, I already reviewed one of the best projector tripod stands for lighter projectors and I also reviewed a stand that can hold up to 88 pounds of weight so it’s for heavier devices.

What makes the Klvied different enough that maybe we should pay attention to it?

There are a few features actually. Besides the affordable price.


The first thing I noticed is that it offers quite the nice flexibility when it comes to adjusting minimum and maximum height. I would say that it manages to have one of the best ranges.

The minimum height is 17.6 inches and it goes up to 51.4 inches.

When it comes to tray size, it’s pretty much standard: 11 x 14.9 inches.


If you want to use it as a laptop stand it comes with its own removable mouse tray.

It also includes a phone holder with 360 degrees rotation.

For the projector, it comes with a non-slip mat and straps to keep the device firmly in place.

Max load

It holds a weight of up to 11.1 pounds. It’s definitely made for most of the projectors that we can buy nowadays.

The tripod stand is made of aluminium. It has nice stability and it’s very easy to assemble and to adjust.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

4. Wali Projector Tripod Stand

Besides the really affordable price tag, this stand has another thing going for it that makes me recommend it as the best projector tripod stand: it actually specifies its maximum weight.

That maximum weight is 13.2 pounds (6 kg), which is nice for quite a lot of devices.


In terms of minimum and maximum height, it doesn’t offer anything impressive but it still manages to offer adequate flexibility. I would call it a bit better than the standard.

It has an 18 inches minimum height.

The stand goes up to 35 inches tall.

The tray measures 15 x 11 inches.

What I also like is that the tray comes with lips support. You can secure your projector if you want to tilt the tray. It comes with a buckle design.

The tray can be titled +/- 20 degrees for optimal viewing angles.

All in all, with Wali we have a very flexible stand of good quality that can withstand quite a considerable load without becoming unstable. Plus, the price is awesome.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

5. Amazon Basics Tripod Stand Multi-Purpose

Frankly, I’m not overly excited by this stand from Amazon Basics. Nor do I consider it the best projector tripod stand when there are better options like the ones I reviewed above.

It’s also quite pricey.

So, why did I select it?

Because it seems to be quite popular. I wanted to see if there’s something about it or not.

It seems well-built and some users’ reviews describe it as the sturdiest, most versatile laptop stand. Thus, we know that it works very well for laptops.

Does it do the same for projectors?

It seems to be sturdy enough for projectors, too. Although, I must warn you that there’s no maximum weight mentioned anywhere.

I would say that if your device weighs under 10-13 pounds, this one from Amazon Basics can handle it even at its maximum height.

In terms of flexibility, it’s not the best. It has an adjustable height from 36 to 55 inches.

It goes very high up but the minimum height is actually what other stands offer for their maximum height.

You should definitely pay attention to this aspect because it’s very likely that you won’t get the needed viewing angles for the perfect image. You know better about your viewing conditions and needs.

Based on its flexibility, I would say that it’s more geared towards laptops and those working from home.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

6. Skerell Projector Stand: Powerful & Flexible

Skerell is another manufacturer that has decided to grace us with another expensive tripod stand for projectors, laptops, cameras, camcorders.

What’s so special about it that it’s worth the price?

There are actually quite a number of things that convinced me to recommend it as one of the best projector tripod stands.

Max load

The max load is 33 pounds. Just by this number alone I’m impressed.

Even if you have a heavier device, you won’t have any problems.

The manufacturer describes it as possessing heavy-duty construction. The tubes are made from thickened aluminum alloy with friction-resistant silver coating.


I’m actually talking about the flexibility of being able to adapt to so many different devices.

Skerell comes with a 1/4 inch screw that works for micro projectors, cameras, and camcorders. This is also called a ball head.

Besides the ball head, it also comes with a tray for laptops, DJ equipment, and projectors.

The tray measures 15.2 x 11.2 inches, which is pretty standard.

It also includes a buckle design.


There are 4 basic heights that cover a very wide range: 17, 26, 37, and 48 inches.

The low is good and the high is also very good. It does have a nice range.

When it’s folded, it only weighs 7.1 pounds. You can carry it anywhere.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

7. Arkon Cookie Decorators Mount: Mount for Pico Projectors

This is an absolutely awesome option if you’re looking for a mount for projectors for cookie decorating.

People love it for decorating cookies and it has quite enthusiastic reviews. They’re so enthusiastic that I’m now thinking of cookies. I’m not thinking of decorating some, I just want to eat a few and I don’t even have a demand for decorations.

Besides holding a pico, it also works as a phone mount. It includes two holders, one for each device. Or you can use it with 2 phones.

Just keep in mind that both devices must be up to 3.9 inches wide.

It’s quite easy to assemble and the instructions are easy to follow.

You can adjust the height of the pole up to 43 inches tall. The stand’s overhead arm is also bendable down to 8.5 inches.

It offers really nice flexibility for cookie decorating. If you like filming your cookie decorating session, this mount is really great.

There’s only one con: it’s absolutely expensive.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

8. Anker Nebula Capsule Series Adjustable Tripod Stand

Those who own projectors from Anker, might be interested in getting their projector tripod stand from the same manufacturer.

It’s made for the Capsule and Capsule Max, which is clearly demonstrated by the ball head type. The Capsule and Capsule Max are round devices.

It’s also compatible with pico, pocket or mini projectors.

The ball head also ensures a full 360 degrees rotation and up to 90 degrees tilt. There’s absolutely no way that you won’t get the perfect viewing angles with this impressive flexibility.

It weighs just 9.5 oz. If you want to carry it with you, the stand can be reduced to 10.2 inches. It’s ultra-portable and you can carry it anywhere.


The full height is 15.7 inches, which is absolutely tiny. At the maximum height it can still support a maximum weight of about 11 pounds (5 kg).

We have 3 main heights: 10.2 in, 12.5 in and 15.7 inches. I would say that the 15.7 inches maximum height is just too short.

It’s made of aluminum for durability.

This Anker stand also comes with: wrench, user manual, carry bag, and 1-year warranty.

The major con is the quite expensive price. I think that there are other cheaper options out there, like some of the ones I reviewed above.

What about those who own other projector models, like the Nebula Apollo or the Nebula Mars II Pro? Those separate models from different series also have their own mounts from Anker.

This manufacturer has decided to make different stands for their different models. So make sure to search for those that will match the particular Anker that you own. Or you can get a universal stand and that’s it.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

Why Buy a Projector Tripod Stand

There are quite a few reasons for doing so.

A tripod stand can be easily stored away when you’re not using your projector for presentations, movies, gaming, watching TV, etc.

At home, if you absolutely don’t want to have it ceiling-mounted, then a projector tripod stand can be just what you’re looking for. That way you won’t ruin the walls, especially if you’re renting the place and can’t do any modifications.

Portability is another important reason. This prop can be taken anywhere you travel.

If you’re doing presentations in places that don’t have the adequate furniture, you don’t have to worry about anything since you’re carrying just the perfect prop with you.

If you’re buying a projector for camping, the tripod stand can keep your device safely away from the crowds and it can protect it from sitting on a makeshift arrangement. Most importantly, it will make things so much easier when it comes to finding the proper viewing distance and angle.

Best projector tripod stand buying guide

There aren’t many features that we must consider but let’s go over some of the most important ones.

Max load

One of the most important things to find out when you’re shopping for the best projector tripod stand is the weight that the stand is made for.

Some will offer a maximum weight of 13.2 pounds.

For other stand, the max load will be 33 pounds.

The Mount-It! Mobile Projector and Laptop Stand can hold up to 88 pounds.

Things vary a lot when it comes to the max load of a stand so it’s important to establish that the stand is stable and strong enough for your projector, especially if you have a really big device that weighs a lot.

In general, most projectors are quite light, especially more affordable projectors so the max load of a stand will not be a concern for absolutely everyone.

If you own a projector under $100 or a projector under $300, then you really won’t have to worry about maximum weight because those are quite light devices.

If you have a projector under 8 pounds, pretty much all models work for your device. They will sustain it without losing balance.

Tray dimensions

Make sure to also check out the dimensions of the tray on which the projector will be placed.


Of course, a projector tripod stand must be stable. Fortunately, all the tripod stands that I reviewed above have no stability concerns. They’re great.

Even the Pyle PLPTS2 Universal Stand, which only costs around $20, is very stable. Just don’t buy a stand like this one for very heavy or big projectors. If your device weighs around 8-10 pounds, the Pyle PLPTS2 Universal Stand will be stable.

Height adjustment

Another thing we must look for is height adjustment.

It would be great to test your projector by simple holding it in your hands to see which height with works best with your screen and the range of your device. Lens shift will also make adjusting the image very easy.

For example, the Klvied Universal Projector Tripod Stand has a very nice height range. The minimum height is 17.6 inches and it goes up to 51.4 inches.

Other stands will be more restrictive in their height adjustments. For example, for the Pyle PLPTS2 Universal Stand the adjustable height is 22 to 35 inches.

Thus, it’s important to establish which approximate height will work best for you before actually buying the best projector tripod stand.

Best projector tripod stand FAQs

Let’s sum up what we learned in this article by answering the most relevant questions for the best projector tripod stand.

1. What is the use of a projector stand?

It’s ideal for home and office mounting because it saves you the trouble of going through the much more complicated ceiling mounting. Moreover, it can be easily carried wherever you go, which makes it great for giving presentations in places that are not properly equipped. It also works for the outdoors or camping.

2. Do I need a tripod for my projector?

You don’t need one if your projector is already placed in an awesome place, be it on a piece of furniture, on a stack of books, on a table/desk or it’s ceiling-mounted.

3. Can you use a projector on a tripod?

You can use it as long as the projector is connected to a power source. The tripod just provides a place for the device to stand on, it’s nothing more so it can’t impede a device from functioning. It’s the same principle for camera tripods.
There’s just one thing you must make sure of: the cooling vents must be unobstructed so that the device doesn’t overheat or incurs some sort of heat damage.

4. What is the best stand for a projector?

I reviewed 8 models and, in my opinion, the overall best projector tripod stand for bigger, heavier devices can be the Mount-It! Mobile Projector and Laptop Stand or the Skerell Projector Stand, while the rest of the models handle smaller, more lightweight projectors that weigh under 13 pounds.