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best projector ceiling mount

Best Projector Ceiling Mount (Buying Guide)

Looking for the best projector ceiling mount will be quite a short endeavour. I strived to select and review the best ceiling mounts so that you can make your choice quite quickly.

Shopping for a ceiling mount is what most of us resort to doing if we don’t own a short-throw or an ultra short-throw projector. It’s also what some of us have to do if we’re not looking to own a portable device that can be taken outdoors or camping or taken to different presentation rooms.

For ultra short-throw models, you basically have two options: simply place it close to the wall on your TV stand/entertainment center or choose a wall mount for ultra short-throw projectors. I hope to review one or two wall mounts for you in this article to see if it’s something you might find helpful.

If you can’t damage your walls for whatever reason or you don’t want to bother yourself with mounting it in the ceiling, then you can check out my article on the best projector tripod stand. It’s a very simple, uncomplicated alternative.

Also, check out my reviews for the best ceiling mounted projectors if you want to see what’s new and amazing in this world.

Best Projector Ceiling Mount Reviews

Before going into my list of the best projector ceiling mount reviews, I also wanted to let you know that there are plenty of DIY ideas online. I’ve never thought about building a ceiling mount myself but that’s because I can’t even install a ceiling mount by myself. Well, maybe it’s the kind of project you would enjoy doing.

There’s also this YouTube tutorial on how to install a ceiling mount by yourself. I think it’s quite helpful but, as I’ve said, I can’t be 100% sure because I’ve never installed one. I love tech, cooking, gardening, and making awesome smoothies but I’m useless at anything else. Maybe you have better luck.

1. Vivo Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount VP01: Overall the Best Projector Mount

Let’s cover something first. In its name, this mount claims to be universal but that’s not exactly the case.

However, to be fair to the manufacturer, in its description it does mention that it fits the majority of projectors. It will indeed fit most projectors, which is awesome, but it’s not 100% universal.

For example, a review mentioned that it wasn’t able to fit their Epson 8350. Others mentioned that they weren’t able to use it on their Vankyo 510, Optoma HD28HDR or Optoma HD143X.

There are going to be exceptions, you must keep that in mind.

Let’s see how you can easily determine if it will fit the mounting holes on your device.

Distance between mounting holes

You must keep in mind one thing: the distance between mounting holes on the back of your model must be 12.5 inches or less. You absolutely must make sure of that.

Furthermore, all diagonals must measure 12.5 inches or less. Pay attention that you must also measure the distance between the holes diagonal from one another.

Even so, this model from Vivo is absolutely worth a try because it’s one of the cheapest, best projector ceiling mounts.

Easy to install

This Vivo comes with drywall mounts, which is quite nice for an affordable piece.

It’s also really easy to install, although there was a person who mentioned that the screws are too short to catch their particular device. Once again, the universal mention might require some adjustments.

Nevertheless, the consensus is that this is easy to install. Obviously, you’ll need a drill.

It will hold the projector just 6 inches from the ceiling surface.

It also has quick release hooks.

30 lbs. support

Another major pro is that it’s very sturdy and it will last for as long as your projector works.

It’s made of high-grade steel and holds a weight of up to 30 pounds. That covers a large majority of all consumer models.


It’s also flexible, you’ll be able to adjust it up and down as well as sideways.

It features +/- 15 degrees tilt, +/- 15 degrees swivel and 360 degrees rotation.

You can also buy it in black but you’ll pay a bit more than for the white design.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

2. Wali Projector Ceiling Mount PM002W: Cheap Projector Mount

This is a very cheap ceiling mount for projectors. It’s pretty awesome and you will definitely get a quality product for a low price. It sounds great so let’s see what it offers.

They also have the same model in black for a couple of dollars more.

Distance between mounting holes

It is described as being universal but you must still ensure that the projector must have a distance between mounting holes between 2 to 12.5 inches.

The manufacturer doesn’t mention that we must all measure the diagonals between the mounting holes but I think that you should.

For example, Vivo mentions that the diagonals must also be under 12.5 inches but Wali doesn’t make the same mention.


It supports a maximum weight of up to 30 pounds.

However, there’s one thing to notice: it doesn’t support vaulted ceiling and regular drywall. That’s a downside for some.

It works with regular concrete and brick ceilings. It’s also wooden stud supported.

This Wali also ensures quick release. It’s very easy to install.


+/- 15 degrees tilt, +/- 15 degrees swivel and 360 degrees rotation. They’re all basic.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

3. QualGear Ceiling Mount PRB717

What makes this model stand out among other cheap mounts, including the ones from Vivo and Wali, is that it extends as far as 16 inches.

Thus, the distance between mounting holes can be between 6.6 and 16 inches. That’s a considerable distance.

There’s no mention about measuring diagonals but I imagine that those too must be up to 16 inches apart, which will fit a large majority of models.

Another difference is that there is a 60 degrees tilt, a swivel of 360 degrees, a +/- 20 degrees roll, a +/- 30 degrees pitch and a 1 inch shift.

That’s a lot of flexibility.

There’s a snap-on / snap-off design for a quick installation.

Weight capacity is 30 pounds. Nevertheless, I must mention that one user review states that this is a really nice mount for a projector under 10 pounds because a larger, heavier projector wouldn’t be granted the same stability as more expensive mounts can deliver.

I don’t necessarily agree. I think that the QualGear is really sturdy and capable of handling heavier devices, too. But I like presenting different points of view so that you can decide for yourself if it’s worth taking a chance on this model or if you should look towards pricier models.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

4. Vivo Universal Extending Ceiling Mount VP02

This one is a bit different from the classic projector ceiling mount. It looks like a pretty long stick that at the end of it has the 4 arms where the projector is attached.

That’s because this is a mount that offers height adjustable protection.

It’s still pretty cheap.

Most of the things apply to this model, too: the distance between mounting holes must be up to 12.5 inches and the same for the diagonal, it supports devices that weigh up to 30 pounds, and it has +/- 15 degrees tilt, +/- 15 degrees swivel and 360 degrees rotation.

What is different is that this Vivo offers telescoping height adjustment that extends from 15 to 23 inches from the ceiling surface.

To make a comparison, the classic ones hold the projector just 6 inches from the ceiling surface.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

5. Epson Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Kit

Let’s see what this projector ceiling mount from one of the most popular brands offers.

First of all, it offers a pretty high price, which doesn’t surprise me at all. However, those who are totally satisfied with this model, write that customers get what they pay for.

If you don’t want to take a look at cheap brands that don’t carry the weight of the Epson name, this mount might be for you.

Nevertheless, it’s only recommended for devices from Epson and they have a list for the exact models that work with this mount. Thus, the fact that it’s called universal is pretty weird.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

6. Viewtech Universal Ultra Short Throw Projector Wall Mount

Just as the name says, this is a wall mount and not a ceiling mount. It’s also a very expensive model but it’s specifically designed for ultra short throw projectors.

Just as some user review mentioned: finally a model that works for the Vava projector.

Well, there are a few people who use this mount for a standard projector. One person mentions that they have their standard projector mounted sideways on the plate, which sounds a bit complicated to me. Well, that person is satisfied that their device doesn’t bounce around even with the bass turned up so I’ll definitely count that as a win.

It’s really sturdy but we can expect nothing less for the price.

Fully extracted, the mount is 16 inches from the wall. Fully extended, the mount is 32 inches from the wall. So, you can bring it as far as 32 inches from the wall, that’s the maximum distance, while the minimum is 16 inches.

It has 4 adjustable arms that can be extended or retracted to suit various mounting patents: 3 or 4 mounting holes. It fits most ultra short throw projectors.

The maximum distance between mounting holes must be less than 12.5 inches, which is pretty much standard.

It is recommended for devices with a throw ratio between 0.18 and 0.53 inches.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

7. Mount-It! Wall Mount for Short Throw and Standard Projectors

It’s time to review a wall mount that works for both standard and short throw projectors. It’s not exactly cheap but not too expensive either.

It supports a maximum capacity of 35.2 pounds, which is pretty good.

It can be set up between 9 to 32.5 inches from the wall. It’s a pretty good range.

It tilts 40 degrees up or down and rolls 30 degrees.

Pay attention that the distance between mounting holes must be 12.3 inches or less.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

8. WALI Floating Entertainment Center Shelves

This is not a projector ceiling mount. This is actually a glass shelf that will go on the wall but people love it for their projectors.

Thus, while it doesn’t go on the ceiling, I still wanted to review it here because it’s so popular for placing projectors on the wall.

It’s basically a shelf on a wall. But it’s made of glass and it looks fantastic. I love that it won’t look out of place, even if it’s going to occupy a permanent place on one of your walls.

Thus, this WALI Floating Entertainment Center Shelves is a wonderful alternative to the best projector ceiling mount.


What I absolutely love about this WALI Floating Entertainment Center Shelves is the simplicity.

Most buyers are so excited about the fact that it only takes 30 minutes to install it. Installation won’t be a problem, even if it’s the first time you’ll be installing a glass shelf like this one for your device.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by what a ceiling mount entails, I definitely thing you should check out the WALI Floating Entertainment Center Shelves as an alternative for an easy installation.

You just have to position it on the wall across from your projector screen, center it until the image is perfect and then follow the instructions that come with this shelf.

Also, the price is very affordable.


It comes with:

  • WALI Floating Shelf System (Black)
  • Strengthened Tempered Glass
  • Mounting Hardware Kit
  • User Manual

The large strengthened tempered glass shelf measures 15 inch x 11 inch x 5mm thick.

It supports a maximum weight up to 8kg (17.6lbs) per shelf. That means that it can accommodate a wide variety of projectors.

But it’s going to be especially suitable for projectors with lens shift because this glass shelf is fixed.

We can also choose to buy it in black or silver. Black is my pick.

If you’re looking for cheap projectors, check out my reviews for the best projector under 100.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

Projector ceiling mount buying guide

It’s not hard choosing the best projector ceiling mount as long as you pay attention to some essential features.

Of course, projectors with vertical and horizontal lens shift are the easiest to install.

Measure distance between mounting holes

First of all, the mount must fit your projector. There will be models that say that they’re universal so they are supposed to work on all devices.

However, the manufacturer will also mention which should be the distance between mounting holes. You should measure that before making your purchase.

One thing I would advise absolutely everyone: make sure that the mounting holes from the projector actually fit where the arms of the mount should go before mounting the ceiling bracket.

Don’t mount the ceiling bracket before making sure that it absolutely fits. If it doesn’t fit, you will just return it without having put any work into it and before drilling useless holes.


Secondly, the mount must be well-made and durable. After all, it will be drilled into your ceiling and it should support a device for years to come.

If it’s sturdy, it will be able to hold even bigger projectors tightly, without any movement that will ruin the adjustment for your screen and the best viewing angles.

There shouldn’t be any shaking.

Extending projector mounts

You should also check that the distance between the projector and the ceiling surface ensures the proper viewing angles for your device.

A large majority of mounts offer 6 inches from the ceiling surface. These are the classic models.

But there are also models that are called extending ceiling projector mounts. These come with height adjustable projection, which might be what you’re looking for if the 6 inches distance is not good for where your screen is placed.

All in all, these are my reviews for the best projector ceiling mounts but I also included the features you must pay attention to if you want to look for different models.