I decided to take my profound passion about projectors and transform it into an actual website that, hopefully, many will end up visiting.

This has not been an easy decision.

I’m passionate about all things tech but projectors have always occupied a special place.

I will admit that I don’t go as crazy about the new TVs released on the market. Laptops, PCs, and projectors remain my favorite devices.

Maybe the reason for that also has to do a bit with sentimentality. When flat screen TVs were only a thing that very rich people could afford, I discovered that there were devices that could project so much bigger images than those flat screen TVs.

Until the first time when a projector was used during one of my classes in middle school, I thought that those devices could only be used in large cinemas.

It still took me a few more years until I could get my first job, save the money, and buy my first projector. That was a NEC and I still have it even if I don’t use it anymore.

The next projectors that I bought all came from Epson. I am totally biased when it comes to this popular brand but I will try not to let that influence my reviews of various models.

I still haven’t managed to buy a 4K laser model, that’s the next goal.

Which brings me back to the reason for launching this website. For a few years I’ve been too busy to keep up with what happened in the tech world but I was amazed to discover all the new projectors that have launched.

Through this website I wish to share my experiences with projectors and give you more insight on what these devices are actually capable of.