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best Bluetooth speakers for outdoors

7 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Movies

An outdoor movie night is simply one of the greatest pleasures in life but we need to find the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies if you want to complete that experience.

Nowadays, there are plenty of portable projectors that can be used outdoors and even taken camping. Pretty much all these portable projectors also include built-in speaker(s). However, the situation in which those built-in speaker(s) are strong enough to satisfy even a smaller gathering are close to non-existent.

Pretty much all projectors require external audio, whether it comes in the form of wireless speakers or in the form of the best soundbars for projectors.

Today, I’m just going to focus on reviewing the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies.

However, if you want even more options, check out my recommendations for the best speakers for projectors.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Movies

Some projectors don’t have Bluetooth support. Even so, some of these outdoor movie speakers can also be connected via the Audio out port that pretty much all projectors have.

Some models will work for everyone but there are also quite a few speakers who don’t have an aux in so make sure to check that out.

The other option is to connect Bluetooth speakers to your streaming device. For example, the FireStick easily allows that.

Besides excellent audio quality in an environment that has no walls to bounce the sound off, the speakers must also be equipped to weather different environmental conditions.

They must be durable, sturdy, and most come with some waterproofing protection. Plus, the price shouldn’t break the bank.

While doing research for this article on the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies, I ended up reading on outdoor sound propagation. It was quite an interesting read. If you’re into things like that, you can check it out here.

One last thing: if you already own wired outdoor speakers, you can just buy a Bluetooth receiver, like the Fosi Bluetooth receiver, and transform them into Bluetooth speakers just like that. That way you don’t need to buy a new product.

1. Tribit XSound Go: Overall the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies

Let’s start with one of my favorites, which also happens to be one of the cheapest Bluetooth speakers for outdoors.

It’s waterproof with an IPX7 rating. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s also dustproof. That’s not included by this rating.

Cheap Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies

This is a speaker that costs around $30 so if you’re on a tight budget, then you should check it out. It can also be paired with projectors in dorm rooms if you are a student on a budget. You’ll manage to have the best nights of your life.

Should you expect mind-blowing outdoor performance? Maybe not. But I believe that we get more than what we pay for, whether we’re talking about audio quality, wide coverage or portability.

If you’re not an audiophile but you just want a cheap Bluetooth speaker that can carry the sound outdoors for your movie nights, you will be satisfied with what the Tribit XSound Go can do. You can also take it camping or wherever you go.

It promises up to 24 hours playtime on a full charge, which sounds unbelievable. You won’t get that much on full blast but it still has one of the most impressive battery lives.

The charging is done via USB-C.

Wide coverage

It works both for the indoors and outdoors. The rectangular shape ensures easy stability practically everywhere you find yourself.

A user review mentioned using it in a 450 sq ft open room for their movie nights. Other users mentioned that it covers their entire corner-lot huge backyard.

It definitely has a wide coverage, a sound that can reach far. If you want even better coverage, just pair two of these.


There are a few important features that we should cover: built-in Xbass technology, 24 hours playtime (at medium volume), Bluetooth connection, built-in mic, 16 watts, aux port if the Bluetooth connection doesn’t work for you.

It also has dual drivers, each with an 8W power output. Together, they’re quite powerful for a speaker this size.

Tribit XSound Go is advertised as having crystal highs, crisp mids, and rich bass.

The important thing is that it will work nicely even in noisy outdoors conditions. Plus, it has a clear sound even at maximum volume. Distortion won’t be a problem.

Nevertheless, when it comes to rich bass, things are not exactly true but I didn’t even expect them to be. This single, tiny speaker doesn’t have a dedicated subwoofer so you shouldn’t expect some impressive bass.

It’s just much better for mids and highs.

I truly believe that you can’t get this quality for this price from any other manufacturer. That’s why I wanted to review the Tribit XSound Go first as the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies.

Where to Buy?

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2. OontZ Angle 3: Popular Bluetooth speaker for outdoors

I feel like we can’t talk about cheap Bluetooth speakers for outdoor movie nights without mentioning OontZ Angle 3.

I think it’s one of the most popular indoor/outdoor wireless speakers. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also one of the cheapest, with a price around $30.

However, when it comes to overall sound quality, I still prefer the Tribit XSound Go.

I am well aware that some people describe the Angle 3 as delivering awesome audio but I just see it as a decent speaker that delivers exactly the sound its small size suggests it would.

It sounds fine but that’s about it. Still, it’s incredibly popular so I wanted to make a short review on it.

Well, for the price, it’s still good. And it’s waterproof, the triangle shape makes it very stable in whatever spot you place it in both horizontally and vertically, and it has a 100 foot wireless range.

On rtings.com, it doesn’t exactly receive the highest praise. Unfortunately, I’m inclined to agree with them.

One of its top features is its PX5 rating for water and dust resistance. Even though it’s made of plastic, it still feels very sturdy.

At 2/3 volume, we can get 14 hours of playtime.

The cons are that it lacks bass, has an uneven sound profile, it doesn’t get very loud, and some user reviews reported that it only lasts for a few months.

The positive is that it has an aux in jack.

Where to Buy?

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3. JBL Go 3

I will also review the very much more expensive JBL Flip 5 but first I want to see what this JBL Go 3 has to offer as an alternative to the OontZ Angle 3. They have very close prices and I already suspect that the GO 3 might be the better option for some.

JBL advertises it as surprisingly big audio and punchy bass.

This is probably their smallest outdoor Bluetooth speaker. There are also a number of colors to choose from. It’s not the cutest but that’s just my opinion.

No aux in

The biggest noticeable con is that there’s no aux input. Thus, if you cannot connect it via Bluetooth, then there’s no wired alternative. If you want aux, you’ll be better off with the JBL Go 2, if you can still find it.

The microUSB charging port is changed for a USB-C.

There’s also no microphone for taking calls but that doesn’t interest us that much since we’re here to review the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies.

It has an IP67 rating for being waterproof and dustproof.

It’s a bit disappointing to see that the maximum hours of playtime is 5 hours. That’s very low when others in the same price range offer more than 10 hours. It also has a 2.5 hours charging time.

What I really like is that it boasts very decent audio. It has a very good bass for a model of its size. Cranking it up near to the top will fill the outdoors with delightful sounds from your movies.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

4. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

With this model, we’re leaving behind cheap Bluetooth speakers but we’re still in the affordable range because the Wonderboom 2 has a price around $100.

What I absolutely love is the name, both for the manufacturer and the speaker. I really hope it lives up to its name and it’s a wonder in audio quality for an affordable price.

It’s IP67 certified for being both waterproof and dustproof. You can absolutely take it anywhere. It also floats. The shape also confers stability.

Audio quality

The sound can be described as being clear, crisp, with full bass.

However, the bass is nothing impressive, it doesn’t stand up to the boom promised by its name. It’s very good but not something out of this world because this is still a tiny speaker.

Don’t expect miracles but you should expect to fill your outdoor space with clear, loud audio. That sounds awesome but it can have some distortion at max volume.

If you want to take it even further, you can pair 2 of these.

Battery life

Wonderboom 2 promises 13 hours playtime. However, at full volume, you’ll get a lot less than that. Realistically, you’re looking at up to 4 hours playtime at full volume.

It takes 2.5 hours to charge. It charges via micro USB port.

No aux port

This is another model that doesn’t include the port for establishing a wired connection.

There’s no microphone.

Another con is that some users mention that theirs has suddenly stopped working after a few months. That’s definitely troubling.

All in all, I think the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is a nice novelty if you want a speaker to float in the pool but make sure that the rear charging port is tightly sealed.

I’m not overly impressed with it, unless it’s on sale and the price drops under $50.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

5. JBL Flip 5

Despite the slightly more expensive price, above $100, the Flip 5 is incredibly popular. Let’s see why people love it so much.

It has an IPX7 rating for being waterproof but there’s no mention of it being dustproof, as well. IP67 is a better rating because it means that the product is fully waterproof and dustproof.

Audio quality

What makes the JBL Flip 5 one of the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor movies is the fact that people describe is as being: stupidly loud, crisp at top volume, with superior bass response, and it overall has an amazing quality.

Indeed, the fact that it’s very loud without distortion is the main quality of this model.

The bass depth is its second biggest feature. Just don’t set up your expectations for what a subwoofer offers.

However, there’s no adjustable EQ.

If you take it outdoors in more rugged environments be careful with it because the round shape means that it can roll away quite easily from you.

You can buy it in 14 different colors.

No wired listening

Unfortunately, the JBL Flip 5 doesn’t include a 3.5mm jack for wired connections if the Bluetooth feature fails.

We only get a USB C port that’s limited to charging.

There’s no speakerphone function, either.

Battery life

12 hours playtime with fast charging in 2.5 hours.

The power output is 20W, while the Flip 4 had a 16W power output.

No compatibility with older JBL Flip models

The only thing some people should be aware of is that the Flip 5 cannot be linked to older Flip models because this new Flip 5 uses PartyBoost technology, while the older ones use JBL Connect Plus.

However, you can link together as many as 100 Flip 5s via their PartyBoost technology. The older models won’t be updated to their newest technology.

It’s just something that some users complained about so I thought I should mention it here.

If you’re set on JBL but you want a slightly cheaper model from them, then just buy the JBL Flip 4.

Where to Buy?

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6. Bose SoundLink Flex

If you don’t like JBL speakers, you’re a big Bose fan, and you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies in an affordable price range, look no further: the SoundLink Flex will wow you.

It has an IP67 rating for being waterproof and dustproof. It also floats. The Bose SoundLink Flex can be taken wherever you go.

I also really love this design. It’s both pretty, sleek, and it offers awesome stability in different environments. I think it’s the prettiest speaker on this list.

Audio quality

Pretty much everyone describes it as having unbelievable sound quality (coming from a musician) and as being the best Bluetooth speaker you can buy for under $150.

The highs are crisp and the bass is powerful and not muffled.

We really have nothing to complain about when it comes to the audio capabilities of the SoundLink Flex. It’s what makes the price totally worth it.

As presets, we get Stereo and Party Mode.

Battery life

It offers up to 12 hours of life per charge.

Charging is done via USB-C.

It also has a microphone built-in so it works as a speakerphone.

There’s no aux input so you can only use it wirelessly.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

7. Sony SRS-XP700

The SRS-XP700 is a very interesting indoor & outdoor Bluetooth speaker not only because it’s quite expensive and very big but because it offers a wider range of entertainment options than the models I reviewed before.

Big size

This won’t fit in the palm of your hand, it will most likely reach above your knees. Personally, I love the big size and the whole design, it takes me way back when everything was wired.

Even if it has an impressive size, it’s still geared towards portability, featuring a carry handle. It’s made for the outdoors, the indoors, and for whatever place you travel to by car.

Nevertheless, it weighs 37.3 pounds so be careful when you pick it up.

It measures: 12.32 (L) x 14.44 (W) x 27.28 (H) inches.

The smaller alternative is the SRS-XG500.

Audio quality

It is described as a X-Balanced speaker with powerful bass. For that, there’s also a Mega Bass feature with a dedicated button on top.

Nevertheless, it can struggle to reproduce the deep thump and rumble in low bass.

The good part is that it comes with presets and graphic EQ to customize the audio however you like.

It gets really loud, exactly what you would expect from a speaker of this size. The bright highs are great.

Karaoke time

This is what I meant when I said that it offers a wider array of entertainment options.

You can buy the Sony SRS-XP700 as the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies but you can also buy it if you want to squeeze in some karaoke time.

I’m not a fan of singing, unless I want to achieve instant crowd dispersal but I have plenty of friends who enjoy singing. Because of that I like this part about the SRS-XP700.

It has 2 mic/guitar rear inputs so it takes things to a quite high level.

For further entertainment, it includes a new concept LED indirect illumination lighting, which is customizable. It’s definitely a nice detail, even though it might not matter as much if you’re just buying it for movie watching.

25-hour battery

Do we really get that much playtime on a single charge? At this size, I believe that we might, at low to mid-volume. Full volume will probably make the battery life last around 16-17 hours.

In the manual it mentions that the battery life drops to 5 hours with Mega Bass and LED lights on.

Thus, saying that it has 25 hours battery life doesn’t paint the full picture.

Charging time is around 2.5 hours.

Aux port

It does have one. It also has the 2 mic/guitar rear inputs.

However, it doesn’t work as a speakerphone so there’s no voice assistant connection possible.


It’s only splash and spill-resistant so be careful how you treat it because it’s a pretty expensive piece to not care properly about it.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoor Movies Buying Guide

Frankly, there are just a few features you should pay attention to.

Obviously, my selection for these reviews was made based on excellent audio quality first. A wide coverage is what I was looking for, speakers that can get loud without distortions.


The price range for the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies can be very wide. That’s why you should first decide how much you’re willing to spend.

You can get awesome devices for as little as $30-$40. Those are the truly cheap ones. They can get loud without losing crispness and clarity. The bass is decent but I can’t really fault them for not being top-notch.

In the affordable category, we have models that cost around $100. The mids and highs are just awesome but we also get the opportunity to listen to delightful bass depth.

If you’re willing to go big literally, there’s the Sony SRS-XP700.


A very large majority of outdoor Bluetooth speakers are designed for being ultra-portable.

Some are as big as our palm, while others are even smaller. It’s impressive that such small devices can have such powerful output.

You’ll be able to carry most of these devices everywhere you go. Some weigh less than 1 pound, while others weigh less than 2 pounds.

The notable exception to that is the Sony SRS-XP700, which is a very big speaker. But it still incorporates an easy-to-carry design to ensure a degree of portability. If you’re traveling by car, you can take it wherever you go, even if it doesn’t fit in your palm. Portability can mean different things.

Battery life

JBL Go 3 is the only one with a poor battery life, around 5 hours playtime.

All the others easily exceed 10-12 hours. Some will even go as far as promising 24-25 hours on battery on a full charge.


Obviously, the focus is on establishing a Bluetooth connection.

Nevertheless, some models will also offer an auxiliary port for a wired connection in case you have some older devices that don’t come with Bluetooth support.

I will admit that I prefer the ones with aux because I always like having backup plans but there are plenty of people who don’t care that there’s no 3.5mm jack.

Moreover, some will also come with a built-in mic for speakerphone function but others won’t.

You must pay attention to details like these if they matter to you.


There are a few ratings that are mentioned to indicate whether an outdoor speaker is waterproof, dustproof or both.

Basically, the IPX7 rating only indicates that the product is waterproof.

The IP67 rating is superior because it also indicates a dustproof quality alongside being waterproof, which might matter for some when shopping for the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies.

Best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies FAQs

Let’s answer some questions related our search for the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies.

1. What speakers should I use for an outdoor projector?

I have quite a few Bluetooth speakers that I love for outdoor projectors. I love the Tribit XSound Go and the OontZ Angle 3 for people with budgets around $30. These are the cheapest Bluetooth speakers for outdoor projectors that we could buy and get impressive sound quality. We get more than what we pay. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is an amazing Bluetooth speaker for outdoor projectors that offers clear, crisp, with full bass sounds. Bose SoundLink Flex and JBL Flip 5 are top-notch picks and lovers of Bose or JBL will be totally satisfied with either purchase.

2. Can you use a Bluetooth speaker with a outdoor projector?

You can connect your Bluetooth speaker to your outdoor projector directly if your projector has Bluetooth support. Some projectors have Bluetooth support, some don’t, it’s not a universal connection. Some speakers will have aux input so you can connect them via the Audio port that a large majority of projectors have. The other option is to connect the Bluetooth speaker to the source device (tablet, smartphone, laptop).

3. Which Bluetooth speaker is best for watching movies?

If you are on a budget, I recommend the Tribit XSound Go. For the price, this is the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies but we also have the Bose SoundLink Flex and the JBL Flip 5 for people with more generous budgets, both are amazing Bluetooth speakers for watching movies.